Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Star Trek Voyager: Kol

This Ferengi costume was seen in the Voyager episode 'False Profits'. This episode effectively completes a story arc between it and it's origin from the Star Trek The Next Generation episode 'The Price'. In the first part of their story, Kol and Dr. Arridor were to represent the Ferengi Alliance in the negotiations to purchase the Barzan Wormhole. While verifying the wormhole's terminus, Kol and Arridor found it to be unstable, but not before becoming unexpectedly trapped at the other end in the Delta Quadrant. Star Trek Voyager picks up the story where Voyager encounters Kol and Arridor in the Delta Quadrant on Takar II. The two Ferengi convinced the provincial population that they were the 'Great Sages' from that planets' scriptures. Ultimately they were driven off the planet with a fate unknown. However, the fate of Kol's costume is. This is the hero costume worn by Leslie Jordan. Clearly this is one of those costumes where the fabricators spared no expense in cost or imagination. This costume is very complete and fantastic in person. I wore this to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in 2008. I had a great time and among my activities, went to The Star Trek Experience. Once there, I had my pic taken with the other two Ferengi on duty. They indulged me in conversation and photo ops, with a good time had by all. I'm not an actor of any sort, but for this moment, I felt a little closer to being a part of Star Trek, and not just a fan.