Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost To The Vault of Eternal Destitution: Pt 1

I love these Ferengi costumes. They are more than the sum of different fancy and expensive jacquard fabrics assembled in the most unusual and yet amazing combinations. They are a piece of historic sci-fi television. To me, they are an example of fine art and superior craftsmanship. Much like one would display a painting or sculpture in their house for enjoyment, I, too, proudly display my Ferengi on mannequins throughout my house. It never gets old.

Tragically, some of the Ferengi costumes made for the various Star Trek shows will never see a mannequin, or the eternal care and love of a collector. In a twist of irony, they have been cut up into little squares and circles....for profit.

These posts are to document our fallen friends.

This costume was used in seasons 4-7, including the final episode 'What You Leave Behind...' It is likely best known for it's appearance in 'Little Green Men' and is personal favorite of mine. There is strong evidence to support that two of this costume were fabricated.  One was sold at the 2006 Christie's Star Trek auction, but I don't believe this is it. However, it absolutely breaks my heart to see what happened to this stunning costume. Had I known it's fate, I would have purchased it myself were I afforded the opportunity. Here is the aftermath: