Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deep Space Nine and Voyager: Krax and Gegis

This Ferengi costume was used twice as the characters Krax and Gegis. The first time was in the Deep Space 9 episode 'The Nagus'. Krax is the son of Grand Nagus Zek and is looking to become the next Nagus. Zek, however, has other plans. The second time we see this costume is in the Voyager episode 'Inside Man'. Gegis is part of a Ferengi plan to steal some nanoprobes from 7 of 9.

Krax was portrayed by Lou Wagner and Gegis was portrayed by Frank Corsentino, and there are tags inside all components to verify this. There is one other name in the jumpsuit alone that reads Rob Steiner. Contrary to the Memory Alpha website, there is no evidence Rob Steiner wore any other component of this costume. It was not uncommon for two different Ferengi costumes to share one jumpsuit, and I suspect there is a different top half of a costume somewhere that has his name on the inside tags. This costume is very small and I had to mount this one on a female mannequin to display it.

The costume made a cameo in the episode 'Profit And Loss '...
...and the episode 'Prophet Motive'.