Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Civilian Waiter

This Ferengi costume was seen (or barely seen, rather) in two Deep Space Nine episodes. The first being 'Bar Association' where the Ferengi employed in Quarks bar formed a union of sorts to get better wages and treatment. In 'A Time To Stand', he is seen walking by Weyoun and Jake as a background character. Ironically, even though he was in two episodes, this unnamed Ferengi seemed to hide behind other characters, so the screencaps shown below are the best to be found of him. (custom screencap courtesy of Jorg)

Kevin Brown portrayed this Ferengi, but had no lines. This costume is the obvious result of the episode needing Ferengi extras for the shoot. The base shirt is a modified off the rack shirt, and I suspect the vest is as well. The jumpsuit is the same one used for Gral/Lonzo and has many internal tags, each with a different name including Kevin's, thus this costume is complete.