Monday, December 31, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Nilva

'Nilva' was a Ferengi Commerce Authority commissioner and the chairman of the Slug-o-Cola company. Portrayed by the late Henry Gibson, it is featured in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Profit and Lace'. Nilva was the only Ferengi who agreed to travel to Deep Space Nine to hear 'Ishka' talking about the benefits of allowing the unheard of scenario of a Ferengi female making profit.

This is one of my most prized Ferengi costumes as it is incredibly detailed and elaborate. I can hardly describe it's beauty. You would have to see it to fully know how awesome it is. I am blessed to own it.

As a sidenote, I was contacted by GQ magazine in October 2009 to be in a photo shoot as a Ferengi with Star Trek's new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine in the December 2009 issue. They needed an actor and genuine costumes right away. Would I like to do it? I live near the west coast and the moment I said 'yes', GQ booked and paid travel and hotel arrangements. Barely four hours later I was boarding a plane to New York! Meeting Chris was great, and we had several laughs during the shoot. Here are a few 'behind the scenes' photos of what became a fantastic two page photo.

My brother is on tv at a Las Vegas station and put some of the highlights on the air here:
and here:
In a strange twist of fate, I recently found this behind the scenes photo of 'Nilva' and 'Lumba' being directed by Siddig, during a break in the filming of 'Profit And Lace' I had not seen this photo prior to the GQ photo shoot!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Quark

Here is one of Quark's better costumes, the Purple Zebra Striped.  This Ferengi costume is seen in an amazing 42 episodes of Deep Space Nine in one form or another. It was beautiful on screen and absolutely glorious in person.

I am lucky to have it.

It first appears in the season 3 opener 'The Search (pt. 1)'.

Soon we see this in further episodes such as 'Homefront', 'Starship Down', and 'Heart Of Stone'.  The costume makes it's last appearance in the final episode of DS9 'What You Leave Behind'

There were at least two of this costume made with numerous extra shirts and jumpsuits at the ready.  One was sold at the Christie's 2006 auction, and this one here.  My fear when buying this costume is that it would have stunt components, but this particular costume has tags in all components with the name 'Armin'.

The pieces of the costumes were sometimes mixed a bit.  Here it is in the exact configuration as I own it in the season 4 episode 'Accession'.

This very costume was donated by CBS to The Paley Center for the Media in 1996 while the show was still in production and was on display to the public for many years. When the Center decided to auction the costume, they called upon Joe Maddelena and Profiles In History to do the auction. To that end, this costume was also seen in the television show 'Hollywood Treasure' during the auction.

Below are a few screencaps of the very show it was featured in. 

It has now found it's true home here at New Ferenginar.

If anyone out there has photographs of the Star Trek display at the Paley Center when it was active, please let me know.  I would be most grateful.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Grimp

Here is one of the lesser known Ferengi costumes, Grimp.  This little guy is seen in just one episode of Deep Space Nine:  'Bar Association'. He is among other Ferengi that are on strike from Quark's bar due to poor wages and long hours.

The situation works itself out in favor of the Ferengi union, and Quark is worse for wear, but the bond between Quark and his brother Rom is strengthened.

Grimp was played by James Marsden and all of the costume components have his name and no others. It is a very small costume, and I had to use a modified female mannequin to display it.  I chased this Ferengi costume down for about four years as I thought this costume would have the answer to a small mystery for me.  I got my answer, but it wasn't the one I wanted.  Nevertheless, I am very glad to own it as I now have six of the 8 minor Ferengi costumes from that episode.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Next Generation: Seasons 2-7

After the embarrasment of the first season characters and uniforms, completely new Ferengi costumes were designed for the show and the fans accepted the apology.  While this style was seen in TNG episodes such as 'Menage A Troi' and 'The Perfect Mate', they were all the gray/green variety.  This version is the cocoa variety and was seen late in the series in two episodes.

 It is hard to detect which one is which color on screen, but with a little picture enhancement it can be done.

Here it is in the season 7 episode 'Bloodlines' where Dai'Mon Bok tries to exact his revenge upon Captain Picard for the loss of his son with a plan to capture Picard's 'son' and kill him while Picard helplessly watches.

This particular Ferengi costume was once adorned with rank stripes on the sleeves and emblems on the collar as evidenced by the remaining threads, but no longer does.  It was worn by at least two actors, David Jeffries and David Levinson as written on the internal tags.  David Jefferies went on to play background Ferengi in Deep Space Nine, while David Levinson played Broik in 76 episodes of Deep Space Nine.

It took me a great while to acquire one of these versions as no one was willing to part with theirs, but money and determination solved that problem and the huge void in this collection was filled.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Leck and The Secretary

You are gonna love this Ferengi costume...Meet Leck...Ferengi businessman, assassin, eliminator! He is all smiles when you meet him, but never cross him because he is all business. When you absolutely, positively have to put an end to your rival, he is the Ferengi to call.

In all seriousness, this Ferengi costume makes the first of three DS9 appearances in the season 3 episode 'Family Business'. In the episode, Quark and Rom meet not Leck, but the Secretary for Liquidator Brunt. Even though they never get to speak with Brunt, in true Ferengi fashion, the Secretary gets a slip of latinum anyways.

When we see this Ferengi costume again, it is in the Season 5 episode 'Ferengi Love Songs'. This is where we meet Leck for the first time just leaving the Tower of Commerce.
The final time we see Leck, and this Ferengi costume is in the season 6 episode 'The Magnificent Ferengi'. A real treat for Ferengi Fans as we see Leck in much of his assassin glory.
Leck was portrayed by the late Hamilton Camp and all of the inside tags have his name. Mel Green portrayed the Secretary, and oddly there are no tags with his name anywhere in the costume even though it was likely made for him as he wore it first!

I tried for a few years to buy this Ferengi costume to no avail. One day while talking to my friend Jim (see Niners Paradise), he informed me that he had just purchased this fantastic Ferengi costume(damit!). Needless to say, after some discussion he agreed that it truly belonged among my other Ferengi costumes and sold it to me. Whew!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Grand Nagus Zek

The best Grand Nagus costume has to be this one. Grand Nagus Zek was loved, envied, and feared by his fellow Ferengi with good reason: He was both genius and crazy. Nowhere is that more apparent than in his wardrobe. Some of the fabrics used seem like an absolutely crazy choice, but they come together with pure genius and this Ferengi costume is a prime example.

In order of appearance, this is Zek's second Ferengi outfit. It is first seen in DS9 season 2 'Rules Of Acquisition' where Zek sends Quark on a impossible errand that is ultimately successful...for Zek.
We next see the costume in the season 3 episode 'Prophet Motive' where the Prophets change Zek's feelings about greed and profit...and not entirely for the better in a Ferengi's eyes.
Season 5's 'Ferengi Love Songs' showcases Zek's vulnerable side and expands upon Ferengi society. It also showcases many of his outfits, including this one.
The final time this Grand Nagus costume is seen in the season 6 episode 'Profit And Lace'. Brunt nearly manages to replace Zek as the Grand Nagus, but ultimately fails again.
This costume was originally sold off in pieces and it is still not entirely complete, but it is close. I already owned the jumpsuit and shoes prior to the coat and vest, but wasn't aware they belonged together. The acquisition of the vest and coat took a great deal of patience as the prior owner was very fond of it and it took over two years to come to an arrangement that worked for both of us. Once I had the top half and examined various screencaps, I recognized that I owned the bottom half and was able to reunite them. The reddish undershirt has not been located to date.

This is the best Grand Nagus costume, and I am so very thrilled to own it (thanks Steve, it's in good hands).