Saturday, November 1, 2014

Deep Space Nine: Quark's Bar Chair

I have been lucky more than a few times when it came to collecting Ferengi costumes and props, but on one occasion I was able to buy a few items directly from CBS itself.  This is an actual chair used on Deep Space Nine in Quark's bar.

I was blessed to be able to acquire several of these from CBS when they were retiring some of the items on their tour.  Every episode that had a scene take place in Quark's bar or the Replimat had one of these chairs on camera at some point.

Like so many items in the Star Trek world, this was actually something you could buy in a store.

An IKEA store!  This took me several years to figure out as I had bought and looked through dozens upon dozens of period catalogs to get the answer. They were sold for two years only and I have scanned the actual pages in their catalog for you to see here.  As you can see, they were quite expensive!


As cool as this is, I have a few larger pieces coming up...stay tuned!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rom and Nog in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with, or even play in your favorite band?

In a way, I got to.

Like many of you, I watched DS9 during it's initial run but it didn't click with me.  By the time I was aware of it's greatness, it was gone and many years passed.  I had always wondered what it would have been like to to be there during filming and meet the cast in costume and makeup... to make it real.

I can only take partial credit, but after years of much thought, Rom and Nog were literally willed back into existence.  It wasn't as easy as it seems on the surface, but all obstacles were overcome.

After having seen and met Martok and Gowron in full costume and then L'ursa and B'Etor, I started to wonder 'Why not Ferengi?'.  I tested the waters with Max and Armin a few years back by asking them if they would wear their Ferengi jackets in a photo op with me Here:

Max told me then He would consider revisiting Rom, but Armin said no.  Fast forward to Las Vegas 2014 and the results of everyone's efforts are on stage to be enjoyed by all convention attendees.

I consider this to be the pinnacle of success for for Rom and Nog on tour.  The stage show was fantastic with numerous Trek references.  Whether is was Nog teaching Ferengi dance moves, to Rom reciting his very clever Ferengi rap, no one can deny their broad appeal to fans everywhere.

Then came the photo op.  Because I supplied the costumes, I was given great latitude with mine and I made it count.  I wanted something a bit different than what everyone else got.  When Rom became Grand Nagus, we never got to see him wear the cloak.  That slight has been corrected.

Max and Aron will continue to make several more appearances this year, and at least one next year.

Let's see how far they can take this!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ferengi at FedCon 2014

FedCon 2014 came and went, and a very tired Max called me after he got home to give me a rundown of how it went.

For starters, I wish I could give you a picture of Rom and Nog on stage at FedCon, but I can't.  Max tells me that he and Aron weren't allowed to dress up in their Ferengi costumes during their stage time. I know, strange, right?!  Because of this, they had to get into costume and makeup twice. However, Rom and Nog were available for photo op's, and it was a HUGE hit with over 400 photo op's sold.

Here is a shot of Aron and Max on stage.

In related news, Rom will finally get his proper teeth.  They were done and ready to ship before FedCon, but there was no way to get them from the US to the German convention in time with any cushion. He wore an off the shelf temporary costume set, as the previous set went missing (Max was a bit upset with this). The next shows from Chicago onward should see Rom fully sorted and in true form, teeth and all.  Also, Aron finally got a com badge.  Looking good guys!

Stay tuned as something else is brewing out there....

Special thanks to KrokoHunter for the stage pic.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Next Generation: Ferengi Knife

This is another example of a rare and unique Ferengi prop.  This is the actual knife used in the season 7 episode 'Bloodlines'.  The blade is real metal engraved with Ferengi iconography, while the handle seems to be resin or perhaps wood.  It is hard to tell as it is painted.

Even though it was seen in just the one episode, it revealed a violent quality in Ferengi culture.  Who needs a knife when you have all kinds of phasers at your disposal?

It can only mean that this is personal!

What can I tell you about this piece besides how much I obviously love it?  I had an opportunity to buy this knife a couple of years back, but passed on it.  It wasn't until about a year later when I had rethought my decision.  When the opportunity to own it came up again, I made sure that I got it. This knife may have changed hands a few times before it ended up in my collection, but I can tell you that it has found a permanent home here with New Ferenginar.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Next Generation: Ferengi Head and Nose

Ok, back to my regular posts about Ferengi costumes and props while Rom and Nog are on a break.

This is an actual Ferengi foam silicone head and nose prosthetic from Star Trek The Next Generation.  The head and nose are separate pieces as was common in the early TNG episodes.  As time went on, they incorporated the Ferengi nose prosthetic with high cheek bones to give the eyes more depth and more texture to the face.  The screen used head pieces are somewhat rare as they served multiple actors and uses, so they didn't need a bunch of them.

The head seen in this posting was made for the TNG season 7 episode 'Bloodlines'.  In the episode, Damon Bok wants to kill Picards son as revenge for Picard's self defensive killing of Damon Bok's son.
This one is easily screen matches to one of Bok's crew as it has distinctive veins in the temple.

I purchased it from a collector that was clearing out several prosthetics.  When it was shipped to me, it was packed in with foam packing peanuts.  This caused a serious problem as they stuck to the paint on the head all over.  I spent hours carefully peeling the peanuts off with solid results, however it is still in bad need of preservation and restoration and it will get that quite likely this year.  The nose piece was not made for the same character, but it is a TNG Ferengi nose and displays exceptionally well with the head.

Again, this piece is quite rare and I am thrilled to have it in my collection.