Monday, November 17, 2008

Ferengi That Almost Was

I have seen a couple of Ferengi costume pieces that never made it to filming. I have mixed feelings on this one.

The undershirt is excellent and fabricated in true Ferengi style. It has a small amount of makeup residue on the collar indicating possible screen use that I have yet to find, or rejected just prior to filming. It has a DS9 tag inside with 'A Viner'. Of course, this is veteran Ferengi actor Alan Viner proving it's Ferengi intent.

The coat is another put it plainly, it's ugly. With no Star Trek tag of any kind the coat is likely to be a regular off the rack coat that has been cropped Ferengi style. It even has the tag from the original manufacturer inside.

I purchased both items together, and there is not much to suggest that they were ever intended to be together. However, I contend that they were together and were intended to be used for the DS9 episode 'Bar Association' as several of those Ferengi wore modified of the rack clothes. It must not have fit the motif....and in some small way, I am greatful.