Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Gaila's Boots

Gaila was Quark's cousin, and in true Ferengi fashion, used every opportunity to his benefit. The first time we meet Gaila is in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Business As Usual'. In it, Gaila introduces Quark to the profitable world of weapons dealing as his likely successor. Trouble ensues, and Quark escapes the situation intact while Gaila's future is uncertain.

The next time we see Gaila is in the Deep Space Nine episode 'The Magnificent Ferengi'. Quark pays Gaila's debts and gets him out of prison (see the boots?) in exchange for his help in rescuing Quark and Rom's Mother from the Vorta.

Gaila was portrayed by Josh Pais, and his boots have his name taped to the insides. I don't own the Gaila costume...just his boots, but I do know the owner personally. The last time we met, he said he already has Gaila's boots with his costume, but we recently discovered that he doesn't. At some point one of us will complete the costume....one day.

EDIT: Aug 2011 The owner of Gaila and I made a deal where his costume is now reunited with the boots. I still want the costume, but that will come later.

The Next Generation: Dr. Reyga

This Ferengi costume can be seen in the 'Star Trek The Next Generation' episode 'Suspicions'. Dr. Reyga is a Ferengi scientist whom has developed a new metaphasic shield technology. Other peer scientists are invited aboard the Enterprise to view a demonstration, but the test seems to be a failure. In the course of the episode, Dr. Reyga suspiciously dies and Dr. Crusher is compelled to sort out the entire situation.

In an attempt to incrementally improve the Ferengi image, the writers gave them a scientist. Peter Slutsker portrayed Dr. Reyga, and all components of this costume have tags with his name and no others. This is the first time we see a Ferengi civilian costume, as all prior Ferengi were in military uniform. One of the unique features of this costume is the taper of the sleeves accomplished by a zipper from the forearm to the cuff.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Civilian Waiter

This Ferengi costume is a bit hard to spot in the season 4 Deep Space Nine episode 'Bar Association', but it is there. Even though it may not one of the more sophisticated Ferengi costumes, I am lucky to have the complete costume in my collection.

The late Bernie Bielawski portrayed this Ferengi, and his name is on the inside tags. The shirt is custom made for this episode, while the jumpsuit and vest used for this episode came from a different Ferengi costume used earlier in the series...a common practice employed for a number for the Ferengi in this episode.

Sadly, the best image of him is in this behind the scenes photo.

Deep Space Nine: Ferengi Rank Collar

This piece of neckwear was originally used in The Star Trek The Next Generation episode 'The Vengeance Factor'. It is likely that one of the Acamarian bodyguards or handmaidens wore this, as it does not match the one that the lead character, Yuta, wore.

This exact one reappears in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Q less' as a Rank Collar for one of the Ferengi bidding at Quarks auction.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Civilian Waiter

This Ferengi costume was seen (or barely seen, rather) in two Deep Space Nine episodes. The first being 'Bar Association' where the Ferengi employed in Quarks bar formed a union of sorts to get better wages and treatment. In 'A Time To Stand', he is seen walking by Weyoun and Jake as a background character. Ironically, even though he was in two episodes, this unnamed Ferengi seemed to hide behind other characters, so the screencaps shown below are the best to be found of him. (custom screencap courtesy of Jorg)

Kevin Brown portrayed this Ferengi, but had no lines. This costume is the obvious result of the episode needing Ferengi extras for the shoot. The base shirt is a modified off the rack shirt, and I suspect the vest is as well. The jumpsuit is the same one used for Gral/Lonzo and has many internal tags, each with a different name including Kevin's, thus this costume is complete.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Brunt

Brunt was a Ferengi liquidator for the Ferengi Commerce Authority and was featured in 8 Deep Space Nine episodes, including 'Family Business' and 'Body Parts'. Truly 'The IRS guy from hell', he made every attempt to ruin Quark at any opportunity. Veteran Trek actor Jeffry Combs portrayed Brunt. It seems there were two versions of this costume made (see below). This particular costume is missing it's amazing coat and latinum bar necklace as the only complete version of this costume was sold at the Christies auction in 2006. All of the internal tags say Jeffery Combs. I also own the stunt version of this costume which was worn by George Colucci. The only differences between the two versions of Brunt's costume are in the jumpsuit and vest, as the remaining components were shared between them. Version 1 was used in seasons 1-5, as seen below. I own version 2, which was used in season 6-7 as seen here in 'The Magnificent Ferengi' It saw one final use in 'The Dogs Of War' as it was the final time we see Brunt.
I have met Jeff twice.  Once in 2011 at a Convention in Phoenix, and once in Las Vegas.  He was very courteous and accommodating.  Thanks Jeff!

Deep Space Nine: Nog

Nog is the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. He worked for his uncle Quark in his bar, until deciding to pursue a life better than that of Rom, his father. This is a standard Starfleet duty uniform and we first see Nog wearing it season 6 'Sacrifice Of Angels'. He continues to be seen wearing it in many Deep Space Nine episodes up to and including the finale 'What You Leave Behind'.

Because of Aron Eisenberg's size, I had to put this on a female mannequin (sorry Aron!). I realize this is not a typical Ferengi costume, and this First Contact style uniform itself isn't unique, but when coupled with the matching Ferengi headwrap, it is all the more special.

Interesting facts:  There were three of this style of Ferengi uniform made for Aron, plus one stunt version for Nancy Thurston.  Mine is complete with jumpsuit, shirt, and headwrap all with Aron Eisenberg's name in each component.

Star Trek Voyager: Kol

This Ferengi costume was seen in the Voyager episode 'False Profits'. This episode effectively completes a story arc between it and it's origin from the Star Trek The Next Generation episode 'The Price'. In the first part of their story, Kol and Dr. Arridor were to represent the Ferengi Alliance in the negotiations to purchase the Barzan Wormhole. While verifying the wormhole's terminus, Kol and Arridor found it to be unstable, but not before becoming unexpectedly trapped at the other end in the Delta Quadrant. Star Trek Voyager picks up the story where Voyager encounters Kol and Arridor in the Delta Quadrant on Takar II. The two Ferengi convinced the provincial population that they were the 'Great Sages' from that planets' scriptures. Ultimately they were driven off the planet with a fate unknown. However, the fate of Kol's costume is. This is the hero costume worn by Leslie Jordan. Clearly this is one of those costumes where the fabricators spared no expense in cost or imagination. This costume is very complete and fantastic in person. I wore this to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in 2008. I had a great time and among my activities, went to The Star Trek Experience. Once there, I had my pic taken with the other two Ferengi on duty. They indulged me in conversation and photo ops, with a good time had by all. I'm not an actor of any sort, but for this moment, I felt a little closer to being a part of Star Trek, and not just a fan.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deep Space Nine and Voyager: Krax and Gegis

This Ferengi costume was used twice as the characters Krax and Gegis. The first time was in the Deep Space 9 episode 'The Nagus'. Krax is the son of Grand Nagus Zek and is looking to become the next Nagus. Zek, however, has other plans. The second time we see this costume is in the Voyager episode 'Inside Man'. Gegis is part of a Ferengi plan to steal some nanoprobes from 7 of 9.

Krax was portrayed by Lou Wagner and Gegis was portrayed by Frank Corsentino, and there are tags inside all components to verify this. There is one other name in the jumpsuit alone that reads Rob Steiner. Contrary to the Memory Alpha website, there is no evidence Rob Steiner wore any other component of this costume. It was not uncommon for two different Ferengi costumes to share one jumpsuit, and I suspect there is a different top half of a costume somewhere that has his name on the inside tags. This costume is very small and I had to mount this one on a female mannequin to display it.

The costume made a cameo in the episode 'Profit And Loss '...
...and the episode 'Prophet Motive'.

Deep Space Nine: Head Waiter

The backbone of Quark's bar is the Waiter. There were several styles of waiter costume. This Ferengi costume can be seen in many episodes of Deep Space Nine, such as 'The Maquis'. Due to the uncommon coat style and unique sleeve stripes, this costume is likely worn by a more senior Waiter.

This particular costume was worn by veteran Ferengi actor Ken Ziff. In fact, there's 'ol Ken playing tongo with Broik in the Season 2 episode 'Rules Of Acquisition'. It's hard to miss his smile.

Deep Space Nine: Broik

Among all of Quark's employees, the waiter is on the bottom rung. However, it seems Quark relies on Broik more than other the other Ferengi waiters. Ferengi costumes such as this one can be seen in most episodes of Deep Space Nine, such as 'The Emissary' and 'Favor The Bold'.

David Levinson portrayed Broik an impressive 68 times, and even though virtually never spoke, he was commonly seen and referred to. This particular Ferengi waiter costume is likely an early one as it is a bit worn from use, and a friend of mine also owns an identical Broik that is in markedly better condition.

Deep Space Nine: Civilian Waiter

This Ferengi costume was worn by an unnamed character in the Deep Space Nine episodes 'Body Parts' and 'Bar Association'. In 'Body Parts', he is merely a background Ferengi. In 'Bar Association', He is among other Ferengi employed by 'Quark' that is dissatisfied with his working conditions. This Ferengi was portrayed by actor Vincent Carerra. You also may have noticed that the fabric used in the coat is the same fabric used in the 'Cousin Gaila' Ferengi costume (which I don't own). The costume is currently missing its vest and headwrap.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Quark

This Quark costume was seen in two episodes of Deep Space Nine: 'Let He Who Is Without Sin...' and 'The Jem'Hadar'. In 'Let He Who Without Sin...', several members from DS9 travel to Risa for some shore leave. However, a group called the 'New Essentialists' have different ideas about Risan society.

In 'The Jem'Hadar', Sisko and Quark are captured by Jem'Hadar soldiers while studying a planet in the gamma quadrant. Early in the episode, Quark's right arm is ignited by the campfire.

Two of these Ferengi costumes were made, a hero and a stunt, and at one time I owned both.  I currently own the undamaged hero version with all components tagged 'Armin'.  I got 5 extra shirts with mine, some with burned sleeves .

I wore the stunt costume to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2008. I was suprised that it went over well enough for a friend and I to be pictured in the print version of Las Vegas Weekly the next week.

Ferengi That Almost Was

I have seen a couple of Ferengi costume pieces that never made it to filming. I have mixed feelings on this one.

The undershirt is excellent and fabricated in true Ferengi style. It has a small amount of makeup residue on the collar indicating possible screen use that I have yet to find, or rejected just prior to filming. It has a DS9 tag inside with 'A Viner'. Of course, this is veteran Ferengi actor Alan Viner proving it's Ferengi intent.

The coat is another story...to put it plainly, it's ugly. With no Star Trek tag of any kind the coat is likely to be a regular off the rack coat that has been cropped Ferengi style. It even has the tag from the original manufacturer inside.

I purchased both items together, and there is not much to suggest that they were ever intended to be together. However, I contend that they were together and were intended to be used for the DS9 episode 'Bar Association' as several of those Ferengi wore modified of the rack clothes. It must not have fit the motif....and in some small way, I am greatful.