Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Brunt

Brunt was a Ferengi liquidator for the Ferengi Commerce Authority and was featured in 8 Deep Space Nine episodes, including 'Family Business' and 'Body Parts'. Truly 'The IRS guy from hell', he made every attempt to ruin Quark at any opportunity. Veteran Trek actor Jeffry Combs portrayed Brunt. It seems there were two versions of this costume made (see below). This particular costume is missing it's amazing coat and latinum bar necklace as the only complete version of this costume was sold at the Christies auction in 2006. All of the internal tags say Jeffery Combs. I also own the stunt version of this costume which was worn by George Colucci. The only differences between the two versions of Brunt's costume are in the jumpsuit and vest, as the remaining components were shared between them. Version 1 was used in seasons 1-5, as seen below. I own version 2, which was used in season 6-7 as seen here in 'The Magnificent Ferengi' It saw one final use in 'The Dogs Of War' as it was the final time we see Brunt.
I have met Jeff twice.  Once in 2011 at a Convention in Phoenix, and once in Las Vegas.  He was very courteous and accommodating.  Thanks Jeff!