Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost To The Vault of Eternal Destitution: Pt 2

This Quark costume was seen on Deep Space Nine from seasons 4-7. There were several made, at least 6 shirts and 3 pants. Here are two of them, and for the purpose of discussion, I am going to call these two primary and secondary. Here they are:



These costume elements worn underneath this outfit.

I know they look like different colors in the two photos, but they are the same. The primary photo was filmed outdoors, and the secondary was filmed on the darker, stage light DS9 set. When looking at the photo in the Christie's catalog, it is clear that the shirt in the primary photo was sold with the rest of the costume at the 2006 Christie's Star Trek auction. The shirt in the secondary photo was 'damaged' for an on screen effect.

And now, it has been permanently damaged to extinction. Here's The autopsy photo:

I can't tell you if the photo shown on the card is the actual cut up shirt, as there were about 6 fabricated for this costume.