Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Next Generation: Dr. Reyga

This Ferengi costume can be seen in the 'Star Trek The Next Generation' episode 'Suspicions'. Dr. Reyga is a Ferengi scientist whom has developed a new metaphasic shield technology. Other peer scientists are invited aboard the Enterprise to view a demonstration, but the test seems to be a failure. In the course of the episode, Dr. Reyga suspiciously dies and Dr. Crusher is compelled to sort out the entire situation.

In an attempt to incrementally improve the Ferengi image, the writers gave them a scientist. Peter Slutsker portrayed Dr. Reyga, and all components of this costume have tags with his name and no others. This is the first time we see a Ferengi civilian costume, as all prior Ferengi were in military uniform. One of the unique features of this costume is the taper of the sleeves accomplished by a zipper from the forearm to the cuff.