Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deep Space Nine: Gaila's Boots

Gaila was Quark's cousin, and in true Ferengi fashion, used every opportunity to his benefit. The first time we meet Gaila is in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Business As Usual'. In it, Gaila introduces Quark to the profitable world of weapons dealing as his likely successor. Trouble ensues, and Quark escapes the situation intact while Gaila's future is uncertain.

The next time we see Gaila is in the Deep Space Nine episode 'The Magnificent Ferengi'. Quark pays Gaila's debts and gets him out of prison (see the boots?) in exchange for his help in rescuing Quark and Rom's Mother from the Vorta.

Gaila was portrayed by Josh Pais, and his boots have his name taped to the insides. I don't own the Gaila costume...just his boots, but I do know the owner personally. The last time we met, he said he already has Gaila's boots with his costume, but we recently discovered that he doesn't. At some point one of us will complete the costume....one day.

EDIT: Aug 2011 The owner of Gaila and I made a deal where his costume is now reunited with the boots. I still want the costume, but that will come later.