Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Next Generation: Ferengi Head and Nose

Ok, back to my regular posts about Ferengi costumes and props while Rom and Nog are on a break.

This is an actual Ferengi foam silicone head and nose prosthetic from Star Trek The Next Generation.  The head and nose are separate pieces as was common in the early TNG episodes.  As time went on, they incorporated the Ferengi nose prosthetic with high cheek bones to give the eyes more depth and more texture to the face.  The screen used head pieces are somewhat rare as they served multiple actors and uses, so they didn't need a bunch of them.

The head seen in this posting was made for the TNG season 7 episode 'Bloodlines'.  In the episode, Damon Bok wants to kill Picards son as revenge for Picard's self defensive killing of Damon Bok's son.
This one is easily screen matches to one of Bok's crew as it has distinctive veins in the temple.

I purchased it from a collector that was clearing out several prosthetics.  When it was shipped to me, it was packed in with foam packing peanuts.  This caused a serious problem as they stuck to the paint on the head all over.  I spent hours carefully peeling the peanuts off with solid results, however it is still in bad need of preservation and restoration and it will get that quite likely this year.  The nose piece was not made for the same character, but it is a TNG Ferengi nose and displays exceptionally well with the head.

Again, this piece is quite rare and I am thrilled to have it in my collection.