Monday, October 20, 2014

Rom and Nog in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with, or even play in your favorite band?

In a way, I got to.

Like many of you, I watched DS9 during it's initial run but it didn't click with me.  By the time I was aware of it's greatness, it was gone and many years passed.  I had always wondered what it would have been like to to be there during filming and meet the cast in costume and makeup... to make it real.

I can only take partial credit, but after years of much thought, Rom and Nog were literally willed back into existence.  It wasn't as easy as it seems on the surface, but all obstacles were overcome.

After having seen and met Martok and Gowron in full costume and then L'ursa and B'Etor, I started to wonder 'Why not Ferengi?'.  I tested the waters with Max and Armin a few years back by asking them if they would wear their Ferengi jackets in a photo op with me Here:

Max told me then He would consider revisiting Rom, but Armin said no.  Fast forward to Las Vegas 2014 and the results of everyone's efforts are on stage to be enjoyed by all convention attendees.

I consider this to be the pinnacle of success for for Rom and Nog on tour.  The stage show was fantastic with numerous Trek references.  Whether is was Nog teaching Ferengi dance moves, to Rom reciting his very clever Ferengi rap, no one can deny their broad appeal to fans everywhere.

Then came the photo op.  Because I supplied the costumes, I was given great latitude with mine and I made it count.  I wanted something a bit different than what everyone else got.  When Rom became Grand Nagus, we never got to see him wear the cloak.  That slight has been corrected.

Max and Aron will continue to make several more appearances this year, and at least one next year.

Let's see how far they can take this!