Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ferengi at FedCon 2014

FedCon 2014 came and went, and a very tired Max called me after he got home to give me a rundown of how it went.

For starters, I wish I could give you a picture of Rom and Nog on stage at FedCon, but I can't.  Max tells me that he and Aron weren't allowed to dress up in their Ferengi costumes during their stage time. I know, strange, right?!  Because of this, they had to get into costume and makeup twice. However, Rom and Nog were available for photo op's, and it was a HUGE hit with over 400 photo op's sold.

Here is a shot of Aron and Max on stage.

In related news, Rom will finally get his proper teeth.  They were done and ready to ship before FedCon, but there was no way to get them from the US to the German convention in time with any cushion. He wore an off the shelf temporary costume set, as the previous set went missing (Max was a bit upset with this). The next shows from Chicago onward should see Rom fully sorted and in true form, teeth and all.  Also, Aron finally got a com badge.  Looking good guys!

Stay tuned as something else is brewing out there....

Special thanks to KrokoHunter for the stage pic.