Friday, June 19, 2015

Deep Space Nine: Grand Nagus Bust

Ok, I have been very bad and neglectful of this blog.  I have been busy on other projects including traveling for my work, contributing to other blogs, and the purchase of the new location for New Ferenginar.

I have a whole lot more stuff to share with you, believe me.  Lets start with this:

This is the bust of the Grand Nagus as seen in the Antechamber of the Divine Treasury of the season 4 Deep Space Nine episode 'Body Parts'.  In the episode, when Quark thinks he is dying, he sells his dessicated remains on the open market.  Unexpectedly, Brunt swoops in and buys all of them.  When Quark finds out he is fine, Brunt still demands he gets what he paid for.

That night, Quark dreams of being in the Antichamber of the Divine Treasury with Grand Nagus Gint, and is told to break his deal with Brunt.  He does, and Brunt retaliates buy closing Quark's establishment and seizing his bar's property.  However, he is alive and his brother Rom is still at his side.

This bust was on tour with various traveling Trek shows for many years before I was able to purchase it from CBS.  I believe mine is the one on the left in the picture as there are some minor tells in the base.  It is a wonder these set pieces get saved at all, so I consider myself very lucky to have this piece!