Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deep Space Nine: Quark's Bar Table

Many months back, I made a promise that I have bigger items in store to show you.  In keeping that promise, I assure you that this month won't disappoint.

This is a screen used guest table from Quark's bar on DS9.  Seen in virtually all episodes, these tables were the workhorse for the set as they got moved around and repurposed frequently.

In many episodes, when they needed a different table, they would just make a large top and set it on top of a table or two.

Here is another picture using the flash.  This shows you some of the details not easily seen on screen.

These very tables were once on tour with various traveling Star Trek Exhibitions.

And while I feel this (sadly) accelerated wear and tear, the public was invited to actually sit at these tables and enjoy food and drink.

I acquired three of these tables directly from CBS several years ago and I have never regretted it.  All three needed some kind of electrical repair, and it was worth every penny spent.  Of all of my Ferengi costumes and props, these tables are among my top favorites and make me smile every time I light them up.

Still more stuff to come!