Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Quark

Here is one of Quark's better costumes, the Purple Zebra Striped.  This Ferengi costume is seen in an amazing 42 episodes of Deep Space Nine in one form or another. It was beautiful on screen and absolutely glorious in person.

I am lucky to have it.

It first appears in the season 3 opener 'The Search (pt. 1)'.

Soon we see this in further episodes such as 'Homefront', 'Starship Down', and 'Heart Of Stone'.  The costume makes it's last appearance in the final episode of DS9 'What You Leave Behind'

There were at least two of this costume made with numerous extra shirts and jumpsuits at the ready.  One was sold at the Christie's 2006 auction, and this one here.  My fear when buying this costume is that it would have stunt components, but this particular costume has tags in all components with the name 'Armin'.

The pieces of the costumes were sometimes mixed a bit.  Here it is in the exact configuration as I own it in the season 4 episode 'Accession'.

This very costume was donated by CBS to The Paley Center for the Media in 1996 while the show was still in production and was on display to the public for many years. When the Center decided to auction the costume, they called upon Joe Maddelena and Profiles In History to do the auction. To that end, this costume was also seen in the television show 'Hollywood Treasure' during the auction.

Below are a few screencaps of the very show it was featured in. 

It has now found it's true home here at New Ferenginar.

If anyone out there has photographs of the Star Trek display at the Paley Center when it was active, please let me know.  I would be most grateful.