Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Grand Nagus Zek

The best Grand Nagus costume has to be this one. Grand Nagus Zek was loved, envied, and feared by his fellow Ferengi with good reason: He was both genius and crazy. Nowhere is that more apparent than in his wardrobe. Some of the fabrics used seem like an absolutely crazy choice, but they come together with pure genius and this Ferengi costume is a prime example.

In order of appearance, this is Zek's second Ferengi outfit. It is first seen in DS9 season 2 'Rules Of Acquisition' where Zek sends Quark on a impossible errand that is ultimately successful...for Zek.
We next see the costume in the season 3 episode 'Prophet Motive' where the Prophets change Zek's feelings about greed and profit...and not entirely for the better in a Ferengi's eyes.
Season 5's 'Ferengi Love Songs' showcases Zek's vulnerable side and expands upon Ferengi society. It also showcases many of his outfits, including this one.
The final time this Grand Nagus costume is seen in the season 6 episode 'Profit And Lace'. Brunt nearly manages to replace Zek as the Grand Nagus, but ultimately fails again.
This costume was originally sold off in pieces and it is still not entirely complete, but it is close. I already owned the jumpsuit and shoes prior to the coat and vest, but wasn't aware they belonged together. The acquisition of the vest and coat took a great deal of patience as the prior owner was very fond of it and it took over two years to come to an arrangement that worked for both of us. Once I had the top half and examined various screencaps, I recognized that I owned the bottom half and was able to reunite them. The reddish undershirt has not been located to date.

This is the best Grand Nagus costume, and I am so very thrilled to own it (thanks Steve, it's in good hands).