Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Next Generation: Seasons 2-7

After the embarrasment of the first season characters and uniforms, completely new Ferengi costumes were designed for the show and the fans accepted the apology.  While this style was seen in TNG episodes such as 'Menage A Troi' and 'The Perfect Mate', they were all the gray/green variety.  This version is the cocoa variety and was seen late in the series in two episodes.

 It is hard to detect which one is which color on screen, but with a little picture enhancement it can be done.

Here it is in the season 7 episode 'Bloodlines' where Dai'Mon Bok tries to exact his revenge upon Captain Picard for the loss of his son with a plan to capture Picard's 'son' and kill him while Picard helplessly watches.

This particular Ferengi costume was once adorned with rank stripes on the sleeves and emblems on the collar as evidenced by the remaining threads, but no longer does.  It was worn by at least two actors, David Jeffries and David Levinson as written on the internal tags.  David Jefferies went on to play background Ferengi in Deep Space Nine, while David Levinson played Broik in 76 episodes of Deep Space Nine.

It took me a great while to acquire one of these versions as no one was willing to part with theirs, but money and determination solved that problem and the huge void in this collection was filled.