Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deep Space Nine and Voyager: Turot and Nunk

This Ferengi costume was used several times in two different star trek series. The first was in the Deep Space Nine episode 'The Nagus' as the Ferengi businessman Turot. His role in the episode is minimal to be sure, but his amazing costume, along with the other Ferengi in the episode, helps to establish the direction of Ferengi fashion for the rest of the Star Trek franchise.

In the episode, he is noted for being unwilling to sit next to a rival Ferengi named Hoex, due to Hoex buying out Turot's controlling interest in the cargo ports on Volchek Prime.

It's next appearance is in season 2's 'The Alternate'. This unnamed Ferengi is seen browsing the remains of the Ferengi 'Plegg'. When he hears Quark's price, he just moves along.

This costume is seen again in the season 6 Deep Space Nine episode
'Change Of Heart' among a number of Ferengi playing Tongo with Quark.

In the season seven Star Trek Voyager episode 'Inside Man', this ferengi costume makes it's return as the character DaiMon 'Nunk'. In the episode, Nunk hatches a plan to kidnap Seven of Nine with the intent to steal her nanoprobes and sell them for a profit. When Barclay figures out that the crew of USS Voyager will be killed in the process, he tricks Nunk and is able to foil the deadly plan.

Turot was played by an unknown actor, and even though there are tags in the costume's components, none indicate the actor that portrayed him. However, we do know that Michael Rivkin portrayed Nunk and there are tags in all of the pieces verifying this.

This costume seemed deceptively plain some years ago before I owned it, but I tell you now I was mistaken. Hoex may not have wanted to sit next to this ferengi, but now it is one of the more elaborate Ferengi costumes sitting in my collection.