Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deep Space Nine: Grand Nagus Zek

Meet Grand Nagus 'Zek' of Ferenginar. He is the head of all things financial for the Ferengi, and this is his Ferengi costume. We first meet him in the Deep Space Nine episode 'The Nagus'. Here we learn his role in Ferengi society and how he is both admired and feared. In the episode, Zek is about to retire and is about to choose his replacement. Zek's own son Krax accompanies him to Deep Space Nine where Zek is to announce his choice at a conference among other important Ferengi. Unexpectedly, Zek picks Quark to be his successor in an attempt to uncover a plot against him, and see if Krax is ready to take over as the true successor.

Zek appears in a total of seven episodes of Deep Space Nine, such as 'Prophet Motive' and 'The Emperor's New Cloak'. His mix of capitalism and chauvinism made him a fantastic character and fan favorite.

Wallace Shawn portrayed Zek in all seven appearances and this is his first Grand Nagus costume used in the show. This particular Ferengi costume makes three more appearances in the Deep Space Nine episodes 'Rules Of Acquisition' 'Prophet Motive' and 'Ferengi Love Songs'