Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deep Space Nine: Ferengi PADD

Ok, time to close 2015 out with another great Ferengi prop brought to you by New Ferenginar:  A Ferengi PADD!

Many of this type of PADD were made for the show, and can be seen in countless DS9 episodes and at least 3 different Star Trek series.

This device is used by Ferengi primarily as an accounting tool and contract binder.  In Star Trek Enterprise they were used as a scanning device.

My quest for a screen used Ferengi PADD started in January 2009 at the Battlestar Galactica auction session 1.  A well known dealer had one of the ones from the Christies auction of 2006.  I actually held it in my hand and was seriously considering it.  The reason I didn't buy it was that a friend that was there overspent and sold me his Quark costume to generate some quick cash...a win for both of us.   However, original Ferengi PADDs never seem to come up for sale in the open market.  It would be 6 years before I got a shot at another one.

After a time, the obvious hole in my collection became a small obsession to fill it.  Anyone that had one wouldn't sell.  Then, strangely, this one came up for sale in a 2015 auction and I was determined to win it, and I did.  This PADD comes directly from the collection of Joe Longo, and even though it was a bit beat up, the wait was  worth it.

Over the course of the DS9 series, there were essentially 2 versions made.  Early ones were cast bare without the details as those were glued on during construction.  As those pieces were prone to coming off during filming, later versions became a one piece casting with a few differences in the details.  Also, the colors were different between the early and late versions.

According to people that worked on the show, there are numerous paint and construction tells that make it obvious that this is one of the first ones made.  The graphic was one tell all by itself.  In fact this particular one had three graphics glued one on top of the other!  The glue was dry enough to separate them and mine now displays its original translight graphic.

Thats right...this one has it's original film graphic with colored gels!

This one has undergone a sympathetic restoration by an expert propmaker whom actually worked on Star Trek.

The missing bits were replaced with exact materials, paints, and techniques.

The new pieces were then aged to match the patina of the original prop.

The prop itself was untouched and the repairs are seamless!

This was a great addition to the New Ferenginar collection.  On to the next items!