Monday, November 30, 2015

Deep Space Nine: Ferengi Quill Pen

Here is a historically interesting Ferengi prop... A pen!

Wait, what?

Yep. A pen, but more importantly, THIS pen.

We see pens like this offered for sale in the DS9 episode 'Fascination' and used throughout the series.

This is the same type of pen used to sign the peace treaty between the Federation and the Dominion.

This pen was auctioned off from the collection of the late Joe Longo.  The cool part is that it was found together with the actual treaty from the episode and auctioned off separately.  It is very likely THE pen that was used to sign the truce between the Federation and the Dominion.  Here is another screencap:

When it came to auction, I was not going to bid on it as several were made for the series and I would likely get one later. However, I got a big push from someone whom actually knew the importance of this particular pen, so I got it for the collection.

Want one of your own?  Dozens of these pens were made and sold after the show was over, and you see them pop up for sale often.  There are minor differences, but for the casual collector, they can be a great addition to a collection.