Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts From Max and Aron

By now, you have seen a sample of the success that Max and Aron are having from breathing new life into their Deep Space Nine Ferengi characters, Rom and Nog.  I couldn't be there to witness the truly amazing transformation from actor to character, so I asked each of them if they could give me a couple of quotes about their transformation that I could print here with permission.

Here is what Max said:
Well, I couldn't believe that the Rom outfit fit me as if it was still 1995. And I don't know how you have taken care of it over the years, but it felt like Bob Blackman had just put the finishing touches on it -- the costume hadn't aged a day! [wish I could say the same for myself]

And, most of all, it brought back a flood of memories: I could visualize myself as Rom shuffling down the Promenade, stopping by my favorite shops, or waiting at the bar at Quark's for Leeta to finish work, slowly sipping snail juice as Quark browbeats me, trying to get Rom to understand the value of Ferengi ways. Rom smiles, taking it in, knowing this is how his brother expresses his love.

All this, and much more, came flooding back to me as I looked in the mirror at myself once more in Ferengi makeup and wardrobe.

And Francis, many thanks for that!

Max G.
Aron said:
So, a few weeks ago I was transformed in to my "Nog" character from Star Trek; DS9! What memories it brought slipping in to the costume. And, it actually still fit!! not too bad at all I must say. Actually seemed a bit tight length wise, which is really strange since I do not think I grew since the show, but, who knows, right?!!? hahaha!! Anyway, it was very, very cool to slip in to the costume once again. And it was in terrific shape and well taken care of! Just amazed it still fit and quite extraordinary to be transported back to the set just by putting on the uniform once again. :) I look forward to the future cons…..

There are two opportunities left this year to catch these guys as Rom and Nog:

September 8, 2013 in Nashville, TN
November 9, 2013 in San Francisco, Ca

The Grand Nagus insists that you go see them and give them your support.