Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ferengi in Nashville are a Hit!

And so the train keeps a-rollin'!

It looks like Rom and Nog in their Ferengi costumes are a huge hit in Nashville, Tennessee!  This is great news as I want to see these guys keep the show going.

Here they are in Nashville lookin' great!

I saw part of the show in Seattle via a submitted video and it was all kinds of hilairious!  And, according to a first hand account, the Nashville show was even better.  Here is her brief comment:

'The Ferengis', the actors who played Rom and Nog on Deep Space Nine showed up in full blown character and made me laugh until my face hurt..

Alright people, there is just one more opportunity this year to see this fantastic duo in person:

November 9, 2013 in San Francisco, Ca.

Special thanks to the followers that sent me your pics of the event, and a very special thanks to Ode to Jo & Katniss for the photo and review.