Monday, October 18, 2010

The Next Generation: Season One

This Ferengi costume is from Star Trek: The Next Generation, season one. When the Ferengi were introduced, they were slated to be the reoccuring enemy of the Federation instead of the Klingons. The results were so bad, they became the butt of jokes for viewers everywhere. For this reason largely, this costume gets little respect.

Throughout Star Trek, we see Ferengi military, doctors, businessmen, and marauders. This is the earliest known Ferengi military uniform shown in the entire Star Trek universe.

This style costume was seen in such episodes as 'The Last Outpost' and 'The Battle'. Perhaps in an attempt to reinvent the Ferengi, these are the only times this version was seen, as they were changed from season 2 and on.

Six of these Ferengi costumes were made, and mine was used in 'The Last Outpost' as the boots had a lot of sand in them when I received it. This particular one was worn by veteran stuntman Richard 'Dick' Hancock...'D. Hancock' as identified by the inside tag. Sadly, this costume is missing it's fur vest and belt. However, mine is the only one that has the ultra rare and unique headwrap.