Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deep Space Nine: Grand Nagus Zek

The Grand Nagus is the head of all things financial on Ferenginar. Accordingly, his wardrobe left nothing to spare. Grand Nagus Zek had four different outfits in just 7 episodes that he appeared. They have to be some of the finest examples of costuming in the whole of Star Trek. This version of his costume was first seen in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Prophet Motive' then lastly in 'Ferengi Love Songs'.

This particular costume is the stunt version worn by Dennis Madalone and was used only once in Deep Space Nine. It is seen in the episode 'Prophet Motive', where Quark has a vision from the Prophets and sees Zek jump from the upper level of the Promenade.

It's original jumpsuit was used for another Ferengi costume (I know which one), so I don't have it. With the advantage of owning so many Ferengi costumes, I was able to examine, pattern, and fabricate a darker velvet jumper for it. It came out very well for my first attempt. Also, the stunt costume was devoid of any metal detailing so there was nothing to harm the stuntman. It is virtually impossible to locate the exact type of metal greeblies, as I have tried. I have attached some approximations in an attempt to make it more presentable.