Saturday, July 9, 2016

Deep Space Nine: Distressed Quark

This is Quark's distressed 'Cranberry Stripe' Ferengi costume.  It was seen only once on screen, but you can see it here again and in greater detail.

We see it for the first time in the season 5 episode 'The Ascent' where after their shuttlecraft crashes, Odo and Quark must overcome their personal differences and work together for their survival.

After the crash, his once beautiful outfit becomes muddied and torn.

The fact that the original costume had to be distressed so badly all is a head scratcher as the costume is hidden under a Starfleet blanket for most of the episode.

The person that purchased it from IAW sold it on Ebay shortly afterwards and lost to an unknown buyer.  Many years later, I found the buyer and purchased it from him. I couldn't have been more lucky and now it is home at New Ferenginar