Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deep Space Nine: Rom

This is a great Rom costume. It was first presented in the season 4 episode 'The House Of Quark' and was used in a total of 15 episodes, including 'A Call To Arms' and 'Sacrifice Of Angels'.
In fact, the final time we see Rom is in the episode 'Dogs Of War' where he becomes the Grand Nagus and is wearing this outfit.

This Particular ferengi costume was sought after by me for a couple of years before the owner agreed to part with it. I am very lucky in that this costume is complete with all components including the original boots. All of the components say 'Max G' and have no other names indicating reuse. Two jackets were made for this Rom costume, and both say 'Max G'. After some use, one of the jackets was demoted to 'stunt' status as there is an additional marking on the tag in red pen added at a later date noting 'stunt'.

During the Phoenix Star Trek Convention in 2011, I brought with me one of Max's Rom jackets. He held it up and allowed a few fans to take pics of him with it. Great stuff to be sure!