Friday, July 3, 2009

Deep Space Nine: Quark

Oh, is this one sweet. This Quark costume is known as the 'Aztec Cherry'  and it is unique in that we get to see it's fabrication by Garak in the season 4 Deep Space Nine episode 'For The Cause'. It is showcased very well in a total of 21 episodes such as 'The Magnificent Ferengi' and 'Business As Usual'.  There was only one of this costume made and it is so amazing.  The fit and finish is impeccable.

This Ferengi costume may be one of Quark's most recognised as it is seen very frequently from season 4 through 7, including the series finale 'What You Leave Behind' In fact, the final time we see Quark, he is wearing this costume. Quark wears it with either a brown or maroon jumpsuit, with both versions displayed here. It is absolutely beautiful in person and it is among my favorite Ferengi costumes.

In 'For The Cause', it was shown on screen as a work in progress as many of the accents were not yet applied, and it had changed a bit from that point, as Quark had mentioned what he didn't like about it in that very episode. It no longer has
the cuffs, and the collar is now a narrower and different one than in that episode.

When the Star Trek Experience was retired in 2008, I felt it appropriate to wear this particular costume at the closing (I mean, it's Quarks, right?). This shot was taken after it closed for the last time .

Fun fact: When this costume was discovered, my friend Dana and I both wanted it really bad, but neither wanted to let the other one have it. So with my good friend Jim (see Niner's Paradise)as the moderator, we all agreed that Dana and I would flip a coin for the right to purchase it. Clearly, I won and I treat it like the prize that it is. I want to thank Dana for being a such a good sport.