Monday, December 31, 2012

Deep Space Nine: Nilva

'Nilva' was a Ferengi Commerce Authority commissioner and the chairman of the Slug-o-Cola company. Portrayed by the late Henry Gibson, it is featured in the Deep Space Nine episode 'Profit and Lace'. Nilva was the only Ferengi who agreed to travel to Deep Space Nine to hear 'Ishka' talking about the benefits of allowing the unheard of scenario of a Ferengi female making profit.

This is one of my most prized Ferengi costumes as it is incredibly detailed and elaborate. I can hardly describe it's beauty. You would have to see it to fully know how awesome it is. I am blessed to own it.

As a sidenote, I was contacted by GQ magazine in October 2009 to be in a photo shoot as a Ferengi with Star Trek's new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine in the December 2009 issue. They needed an actor and genuine costumes right away. Would I like to do it? I live near the west coast and the moment I said 'yes', GQ booked and paid travel and hotel arrangements. Barely four hours later I was boarding a plane to New York! Meeting Chris was great, and we had several laughs during the shoot. Here are a few 'behind the scenes' photos of what became a fantastic two page photo.

My brother is on tv at a Las Vegas station and put some of the highlights on the air here:
and here:
In a strange twist of fate, I recently found this behind the scenes photo of 'Nilva' and 'Lumba' being directed by Siddig, during a break in the filming of 'Profit And Lace' I had not seen this photo prior to the GQ photo shoot!